Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Quick Social Media Message!

I hate to send out a blanket msg to everyone knowing full well if you live in New York you won't be going to this show but...I will post this and ask that if perhaps you are not going or can not go that perhaps you could consider making a donation either to my paypal account at or contact the creator David Silverman...Things are starting to get real. Transplant talk is advancing, just hoping I qualify. I have no insurance and no regular source of income. My resolve to keep working and supporting independent artists will continue as such time as they bag me and tag me. If I go into a remissive state there is no promise of how long that may be. My prognosis at this point is roughly 5-7 yrs and only past 5 if things go may way...that is rare. Thank you for your support!See More