Friday, August 23, 2013

A George Zimmerman Flashback

The dust has seemingly settled on the George Zimmerman trial but there is still something that stays with me...I hate it when that happens.

The Obama Administration i.e. Eric Holder is still denying George Zimmerman his constitutional right to legally carry a fire arm despite being found not guilty by a jury of his peers. And no, the Attorney General can not take this action pending a possible civil rights case which is falling apart as we speak. Why? To bring a civil rights case you have to prove malicious intent. Do any of us know what was in the heart of a man who dated a black woman in college but found himself having his head repeatedly bashed into the pavement was on that evening? What about the intent of an angry young man that took the first violent action? We don't know and we will never know. The issue can be argued to death and the best result is that of a push.

You may not agree with the verdict but verdicts are handed down based on the facts presented and not to make up for inequities of the past. Now Zimmerman needs his gun more than ever for not only his personal safety but for the safety of his family. For the Obama Administration to deny Zimmerman his constitutional right to carry while insisting people that are in this country illegally are deserving of constitutional rights is a moral outrage. You can not legislate evil any more than you can legislate what constitutes a couple. Evil much like love will always find a way and individual liberty must be preserved at all cost. To not comment on this issue is to condone the actions of what was promised as one of the most transparent administrations in history when in fact it is a corrupt scandel plagued administration quickly turning into the laughing stock of the free world.  

Gun control on any level is a dangerous precedent. When the government can successfully disarm the population you lose the constitutional republic status and begin moving towards a dictatorship. Again, you don't have to agree with the verdict to see this point. You don't have to agree with an opinion to respect it.

Two individuals Greg Randolph and Mark Levine stated in personal messages to me they would end my career for simply daring to voice an opinion.

Those that scream for diversity the loudest practise it the least.