Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zimmerman Walks And Justice Served.

Welcome to my rant...

As predicted George Zimmerman walked...Why?

Simple. Under Florida law it clearly states if you are in fear or have reasonable fear for your life then you can use lethal force if the circumstances dictate.

The circumstance and evidence PROVED that Martin had Zimmerman pinned to the ground and was attempting to bounce his head off the sidewalk. Martin WAS bigger than Zimmerman. I hate to disappoint the handful of naive politically correct liberals that want to say Martin was murdered but the definition of murder under Florida law and the corresponding facts do not back up a murder charge. Martin also had pot in his system so can any level headed person actually believe this was some innocent little kid out for a coke and some candy?

I am sick and tired of the p.c. culture attempting to dictate right and wrong directly in the face of the rule of law and of the facts as presented. The people that believe that Martin was murdered are probably lacking in the cognitive skills necessary to wind their watch and are in fact mental chew toys for the most corrupt President since Richard Nixon in Barack Obama.

Mark my words, the idiot posing as Commander In Chief will attempt to further use this situation to his benefit and more talk of disarming the population will continue. If Zimmerman did not have a gun he would be dead now and that pot smoking piece of garbage in Trayvon Martin would be walking the streets. Where are the strong leaders of the black community? Who are they? Jesse Jackson? Al Sharpton? Jay Z? Give me a fucking break. Martin was in the wrong place at the wrong time doing all the wrong things and now he is worm food. Martin's parents lied to reporters and even tried to trademark their son's name to make some quick cash...I guess that is Zimmerman's fault? George Bush's fault?

I've already bounced three people from social media because of their pious politically correct stance on this issue. Mass media is to blame. Where are they when black on black crimes occur? Much like a cop you can not find them when you really need them. Now I guess the idiots in Martin's community will burn it down in protest. Let em...You can't fix stupid.
Liberals only want justice under their terms. Good luck with that.  
Photo: The REAL Trayvon Martin the media didn't want you to see...A real class act.
What a sweet child...the picture of innocence.