Monday, July 1, 2013

The Steve Gadd Band - Gadditude And How You Can Help!

Brent Black / @CriticalJazz

Most of you know that I never hesitate is showing some love to the Independent artist that is using kickstarter in an effort to raise funds to get their debut release off the ground.

Allow me to plunk this one string banjo yet again...

Times are tight of course for musicians in general and jazz players in particular this is coming as no great shock. In ever increasing numbers you will find major league talent such as Steve Gadd using fund raising sites and let me clue you in as to why. Gadd has played with Paul Simon, Eric Clapton, James Taylor and the average record executive while appreciating his incredible talent only has a limited amount of resources to work with.

In music there are no such things as "sure things" as any artist can lay a sonic egg and with the death of the major label deal as we know it, artists of all levels of ability and stature are left to come up with their own initial investment. They call it the music business for a reason.

Steve Gadd has put together a new band with a new record and he needs your help. I grow weary of hearing the pretentious types whine that good music is  just not being played. If the artist can not afford to record the album then yes...tons of good music will languish in relative obscurity for a plethora of reasons with the all mighty dollar leading the way (Sorry Occupy Wall Street readers).

Below is the link to the fundraising site Gadd is using. Check it out...Better still, help him out. You have enjoyed his work for years. Now you simply need to put your money where your ears are.

Steve Gadd Band