Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Smalls Jazz Club Musician Revenue Sharing Project

As a critic. I have been extremely fortunate to have become friends with some of the finest names in jazz that are currently working the Big Apple scene. While jazz clubs and taxi cabs are perhaps second only to Starbucks locations in certain areas of the city, Smalls is one of the legendary clubs and definitely a venue that is on my bucket list to be sure. 

Posi-Tone recording artist and tenor saxophonist Tom Tallitsch posted some information on an exciting new endeavor that the good folks at Smalls are working to get off the ground. The most exciting aspect of this project is the grass roots approach to fund raising and the involvement that both musicians and the casual listener can experience by promoting not just the genre but increasing the fiscal opportunities for musicians in what is arguably the mecca of modern jazz in New York City. The idea of revenue sharing is nothing new and while I am the first to say that musicians were or should be aware of the financial tightrope they walk as they attempt to establish themselves, the brilliance of this particular idea is based on the simplicity of the approach and the ultimate win-win for all involved.

So why I am writing on this topic when most critics would not give it a second take? Simple...I am not a typical critic but I am a jazz journalist. I also have been helped by several musicians that are in the Smalls extended family in regards to my advanced liver disease. I know and understand far better than most just what this project could mean to a lot of deserving talent. I am not looking for sympathy. I am looking for a way to give back and perhaps if I can shine just a small light on their efforts or better still inspire you to share this post with others then the goal can be reached. Never wait for a miracle. Make your own miracles happen...