Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The London Royal Philharmonic Scores Fleetwood Mac Purple Pyramid 2013

An amazing transformation of perhaps the classic pop album of a generation into a symphonic treasure for the new millennium.
Brent Black / Not Just Jazz

Normally I would avoid a release such as this without hesitation. Preconceived ideas and running out of coffee are the two worst things that could happen to a critic. London's Royal Philharmonic has a long tradition of symphonic reinterpretations of contemporary rock music with perhaps none finer than the 1970's classic Rumors from Fleetwood Mac.

While audiences in the United States that hit the 40 and then something demographic may initially cast aside the notion that this epic rock classic could be reinvented in any other fashion, they would be doing their musical comfort zone a great disservice. An understandable concern would be that of "predictability" or the very real possibility of an easy listening meets a physician's waiting room riff on one of the worlds most legendary groups. Toss in cameo appearances from Peter Frampton and steel guitarist Sarah Jory and any concerns are quickly cast aside.

Tremendous care and respect are given to the songwriting and production aspects of this work. The London Royal Philharmonic Scores Fleetwood Mac's Rumors should cut a wide path among fans of the band, the Orchestra and closet classic aficionados everywhere.

An incredibly entertaining 4 Stars!