Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Land of Zumu - Where Used Media Goes To Die...

As most of you know, I have advanced liver disease. My prognosis is a few years which is luckier than most and due to my age the odds of a transplant are only equal to my odds of joining the Cleveland Indians as their new second baseman.

I have always had a massive media collection long before I began reviewing the music I love so much which is jazz. Given the uncertainty of the future and to ease the burden on my mom who would be left to sort through my things I picked out a large selection of non promotional material to send to a company called Zumu. One does not get rich selling old cd's and dvd's but you reclaim some much needed space and you do get a few bucks to blow at a Starbucks.

My experience with Zumu has been horrible. Keep in mind this is not a blanket condemnation this is simply what happened to me. I sent my package to their headquarters in April. I have received no payment but I did receive two emails specifically promising a mailing date and one email admitting there was a "mistype." The check is still in process and oddly enough they could not come up with a total figure for me which of course raises even more suspicion because these are numbers that should be readily available.

Am I stating that Zumu is doing anything illegal? No...I will say that based on the experience I have had and documented that they are guilty of bad business practises and questionable ethics when it comes to living up to their printed word. Other people may have used Zumu with no difficulty and I want you to consider that. Better still if you have old media you wish to discard then check locally for the proper recycling center or if perhaps a shelter or home for the elderly might have some use for your product. I would not now nor would I ever recommend Zumu as a place to do business unless of course waiting over 3 months with no promise of payment is an acceptable method of doing business to you.

Part of the fun of having a chronic disease with no known cure is selling off bits and pieces of your life one at a time. While my mom will reap the benefits of having an easier time of not going through so much of my stuff...all I wanted was to make a Starbucks run. I am a man of simple tastes...

(Editors note my shipment was 8 small boxes which is why I was looking for a total as if they can not get a simple date correct then god knows basic math has to kill them).