Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stevie Wonder Standing His Ground

Stevie Wonder bails on Florida

Motown recording legend Stevie Wonder has vowed to never play Florida again until the Stand Your Ground Law is overturned.


So nothing really...Wonder whose last top hit may have occurred when I was in high school is rolling some fairly large career dice here but then again I guess he can afford to. Basic self defense can not be legislated out of a court of law or our society. While Wonder runs the risk of pissing off a large segment of fans, admirers, and potential fans it is Wonder's right to do so. All racial groups and a wide age demographic enjoy the talent of Stevie Wonder but here is the reality...Florida will get by. Wonder needs to stop believing his own press clippings and try and concentrate on pushing out some viable music. Perhaps it is since he began writing more and more songs with political messages that there has been a decline in sales not to mention air play and before someone calls me a racist pig look at Bono from U2 - same deal.

I support Wonder's right to take this stance. Unlike the mob mentality of the politically correct mental chew toys that pander based on race and race alone, Wonder is honest and sincere in his efforts. While I believe the Stand Your Ground Law is a necessary evil, I also believe Wonder's protest is as well. The keystone of our Constitutional Republic is respectful disagreement. Unlike those that have threatened my life based on my opinions and cyber stalked me on social media (and I will continue to out them), I will allow the voters in Florida to handle this one and accept whatever decision they make.

I don't agree with Wonder but...I don't have to.