Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shlomo Cohen - Kickstarting A Dream...

Having firmly established a reputation as a champion for the Independent improvisational artist allow me to introduce you to a rising star with mad potential and ridiculously sick skills.

Tel Aviv native Shlomi Cohen is set to release his debut recording but like so many artists, he needs some help. The incredible level of talent that has come from Israel to take up residence in the Big Apple which is arguably the jazz mecca of the world is staggering

Better still, being a single dad and a full time musician while making both work is literally pulling off the unthinkable. In a market that is at times overloaded with deserving talent, finding that personal piece of the jazz pie is often difficult if not impossible in some cases. Recordings cost money with a bare bones no frills release running at least ten grand. Labels are much like you and I, they have champagne tastes on a beer pocket book. It is simply not enough to expect that deserving talent such as Shlomi Cohen will simply get bankrolled by a label when the recording industry is a business first and even with well known talent there is nothing guaranteed.

Before you complain about deserving artists not getting the attention or record deals they deserve ask yourself, "What have I done to help?" When N.P.R. all most went under did you write a check or did  you blame politicians for being fiscally responsible? Times are tight and nothing is free.

Want great jazz? Put you're money where your ears are. For more detailed information on Shlomo Cohen check out the link below: