Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ron Boustead Mosaic Art-Rock Music 2013

Ron Boustead cuts a wide sonic path with an all star cast on Mosaic.
Brent Black / @CriticalJazz

I want to like this release. I should like this release. In keeping with the spirit of taste being subjective, Mosaic has some bumps in the road but certainly not with the talent assembled here. With artists like Brian Bromberg, Mitchell Forman, Rick Braun and Kirk Whalum it is easy to get your hopes up and much like prom night it turns out to be nice but nothing special. 

Boustead has had success on the small screen and is certainly a legitimate lyricist however in a tightly crowded vocal field this is a release that could easily be destined to be lost in the shuffle for a variety of reasons. Boustead's four original compositions are solid from a lyrical perspective however he may be the epitome of the singer / songwriter type of artist that perhaps should pursue his talent from his wheelhouse which is obviously as a composer. Vocally Ron Boustead is perhaps a little better than average. The covers that are banged out here are incredibly "eclectic" tunes from James Taylor, Bill Withers, and Carol King. Even the most ardent fans of these three icons might struggle to remember tunes such as Carol King's "Wishful Thinking" or the Bill Withers / Larry Carlton composition "Whatever Happens." For this release the word eclectic is easily interchangeable with the word forgettable.

The music here is solid, tightly arranged and well thought out but much like the somewhat tired and politically incorrect analogy regarding Chinese food, you are hungry again about an hour later. The release becomes a bit bogged down in cutting such a wide stylistic path as there is a lot going on here. Is this a bad release one should avoid? No...By no means. Mosaic is average at best and given the level of talent assembled here one simply expects a bit more than what is served up.

3 Stars. Average.

Tracks: Moon Song; You're Sensational; No Me Without You; Wishful Thinking; And Now?; Careless Wind; Every Moment Of You; Everything Be OK; Whatever Happens; Secret O'Life.