Thursday, July 11, 2013

George Zimmerman - Found Guilty In The Court Of Public Opinion And Political Correctness.

With the Treyvon Martin case mercifully winding down there is a small but vocal group of musicians now attempting to play the race card yet again...O.K. but Albert Einstein defined insanity by doing the same thing multiple times and expecting different results. In short, it didn't fly then and it is not flying now.

Unlike these musicians, I put the vast majority of the blame on the media for so desperately attempting to make this a racially motivated issue. The facts do not follow their myopic train of thought. Let's take a look at the facts....

1.) Martin was legally a minor but physically a very large young man for his size. Zimmerman is short and stocky. Simple logic tells me when running into Martin at night and fearful of Martin's "suspicious" actions he would be far more likely to be sizing up Martin's size before even caring what ethnicity he may be.

2.) Martin had pot in his system...Not a Federal case but certainly gives credence to the argument that Martin was not some innocent little kid trying to go to the store for coke and candy.

3.) Zimmerman as shown by ABC news footage had marks on the back of his skull where Martin apparently tried to bounce it off the sidewalk.

4.) Finally...The stand and defend law does give an individual the right to use deadly force to protect them self.

Is Zimmerman guilty of excessive force? It would not seem so and the Prosecution has been the best witness the defense had to call.

Let us also remember that Martin's parents lied to reporters and attempted to trademark Martin's name for some quick cash as reported by Yahoo News and several other credible outlets.

Race? Nope...This case is about stupid and what happens when you are in the wrong place at the wrong time and doing questionable activities.

The same musicians that scream race are the same musicians that blame white club owners, white label executives and white listeners for THEIR own career problems. See a pattern?

I will predict Zimmerman walks and in keeping with the total lack of responsible leadership in the black community some neighborhoods will burn in protest. Sadly these will be black neighborhoods. Again...not about race. About stupid...