Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Marcus And The Music Catch 22 Ex-Tension 2013

Alternative prog rock moving mainstream with tremendous promise.
Brent Black / NotJustJazz

Having long been a champion of the independent artist and with the appreciation of the fact there are hundreds of artists out there with viable music, I have taken it upon myself to not only change the name to NotJustJazz but to expand by own sonic horizons. Marcus And The Music from their soon to be released Catch 22 on July 23rd simply reconfirm a wise decision on my part.

Prog rock is a rather open ended term, loose enough to pigeon whole an artist but not so tight that they don't have some wiggle room. Like many, I am still figuring out Marcus And The Music as they are about as subtle as a plane crash and not unlike a plane crash - you can't look away. Marcus Lino is from Paris and has as much passion and lyrical sense of urgency in his work as any of his western counterparts. Vocally a fair comparison can be made to Peter Hammill but the amazing part of Catch 22 has to be that Marcus is literally his own one man band as he handles multi textural drumming, cutting edge guitar riffs, and a solid harmonically based keyboard foundation all make up an exciting new talent with the ability to go from thoughtful ballad to Nickleback intensity in one track.

Lyrically, Marcus Lino is getting there. Songs of substance and though provoking images are hard to shake and one can only imagine what is coming in the next several years. The overall sound may be closely related to some of the more commercially accessible grunge acts that have gone the way of the musical dodo bird such as Nirvana yet Marcus Lino has that special contemporary edge that does not allow his sound to become dated or for this to be a disc that may sit on one's shelf after a half dozen plays.

An impressive young talent that should turn some heads in America quickly with the release of Catch 22. Easily a four star release you will get something new out of with each subsequent spin.

Tracks: We Are Life & Love; No Evil; Song For Apologies; Catch22; Boxful Of Eyes; A Man Like Me; Willing & Able; Third Eye; Skyzophrenia; One Color, One Sound.