Friday, July 19, 2013

Lorraine Feather Attachments Jazzed Media 2013 5 Stars!

CD Cover Attachments

Lorraine Feather meticulously creates a deliciously inventive cerebral wonderland of emotions.
Brent Black / @CriticalJazz

Sass, sophistication and subtle sexiness all combine for an amazing introspective look, a snapshot of attachments that cover the bonds created with family, friends, lovers, creatures and places. An intimate semi-autobiographical look at the connectivity that binds with lyrics and vocals that deconstruct these human emotions into something more tangible.

Feelings you can hear.

The follow up to her critically acclaimed and Grammy nominated Tales of the Unusual finds essentially the same cast of musical co-conspirators in Russell Ferante, Shelly Berg and Eddie Arkin. The legendary Dave Grusin stops by to sweeten the deal with "I Thought You Did" and a delightful arrangement or riff as they say on Bach's "Air on the G String" with Feather contributing the lyrics per Grusin's request. The addition of violin master Charlie Bisharat combined with the prolific talent of Dave Grusin brings forth Lorraine Feather "unplugged" with an arrangement of unparalleled elegance combined with a tender unadorned simplicity. The eclectic title track "Attachments" is a look at the romantic misadventures of Feather combined with Arkin's spin on the more non-romantic emotional ties. An organic look at love painted with a vivid impressionistic brush and here lies the secret to the success of this recording. The all important personal connection to the music is established almost immediately while the lyrics create dynamic sound scapes of personal perception as though watching a series of short films. "I Hope I Never Leave This Place" is the melodic depiction of a woman living isolated in a remote cabin. Remember melody? The combination of Feather and Eddie Arkin reaches a creative apex here with a beautiful melody and an intensely strong harmonic development.

This release struck a particular chord for this critic as I am struggling with an illness for which there is no cure and the stories told here are of glorious snapshots of time. A lyrical jigsaw puzzle that while poignant in its intimacy never borders on the melancholy or morose. Attachments contains five ballads, more than any other previous project yet holds true to form with a quirky spin and subtle celebration for all the people, places and things we hold dear. A former editor would often caution me not to include some more personal information unless it was directly relevant to the release, this is. Lorraine Feather once gave me better advice on editing, "You never finish editing, you simply stop."

Simplicity and complexity merge to create the finest vocal release for the year.

Tracks: A Little Like This; Attachments; I Thought You Did; Anna Lee; 159; We Have The Stars; I Love You Guys; I Hope I Never Leave This Place; Hearing Things; The Veil; Smitten With You; True.

Personnel: Russell Ferrante: piano (1,2,4,5,8,9,11), arranger (1,4,11); Shelly Berg: piano/arranger (6,7,10); Dave Grusin: piano/arranger (3,12); Michael Valerio: bass (1,2,4,5,7,8,9,11), vocals (5); Grant Geissman: guitar (1,5,9); Eddie Arkin: guitar (2,5), arranger (2,5,8,9; Michael Shapiro: drums, percussion (1,2,5,9,11); Tony Morales: percussion (1); Greg Field: drums (7); Charles Bisharat: violin (1,2,4,8,9,11,12); Bob Mintzer: bass clarinet (11).

Special Thanks To Michael Bloom of Michael Bloom Media Relations!