Saturday, July 13, 2013

Leora Cohen - 5 Star Passion On A Plate! And My First Food Review!

Food and music will be forever joined at the hip as cathartic releases for those looking to unleash their artistic nature and get their creative jones on. While doing some research on trumpet player Josh Rzepka. I stumbled across Leora Cohen who oddly enough happens to be Josh's sister! While so many face book pages are devoted to a myriad of social and political causes that are enough to cause sensory overload to most people, Leora's page is her passion which involves using her creativity to make people happy. Can't beat it! Given the fact my home turf is Louisville, Kentucky and Leora's home is an undisclosed location somewhere in north central Ohio, a traditional food review is somewhat out of the question. If you check Leora's page out her passion and sincerity are certainly indicative of why I refer to his piece as passion on a plate! Better still, I had Leora tell us about it:

I am a teacher by trade and I was looking for something to do as a side business and I decided to take my passion for baking and cooking, and share it with others, so I began this business in May, 2013.

I love food: I love eating food, looking at food, and making food. I love to look through a recipe book and try out new recipes, no matter how difficult they may be. For me, baking is a process that allows me to relax and explore my creative side. I started baking cupcakes a few years ago, and I loved how easy and cute they were, and how much fun they were to decorate. I wasn't bold enough to try and bake and decorate a cake until my grandmother's birthday. I made her a Swiss hazelnut cake with butter cream covered in chocolate shavings. My mother remembered growing up and my grandfather loving this cake and getting it for every birthday, so I found a picture of it, researched recipes, and I went for it! Luckily it was a success- so I made another one for my sister's birthday, and then my husband's birthday, and so on. All I want now is to share my confections with more people so their birthdays and special days can be made special, homemade, like from family.

-Leora Cohen

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."-Albert Einstein

Check out Leora's page and you can easily see that the creative gene in the Rzepka family runs long and deep! Many thanks to Leora for her time and to her brother Josh for showing some pride in sharing her page! Now it's my turn!

So let me do my own riff on Dinners Drive Ins and Dives:
Never think something is not possible. As Leora and I finished up our cyber chat, low and behold a short time later guess what showed up in the mail? Regular brownie and gluten free almond cookies! Part of the fun with the gig of a music critic is waiting on those little pieces of sonic gold that the U.S. Postal Service leaves in your mailbox, sort of like Christmas year round. Now I get some monster treats and let me hit the gluten free almond cookies first, flavor! As a patient with advanced liver disease, flavor is what I miss the most and I found it here. Being a typical guy I  assumed gluten free meant I was losing flavor but in fact Leora Cohen takes away from something outstanding and simply makes it better! Same goes with the regular brownie, taste that is out of bounds and right on par with any large manufacturer of baked goods but here is the kicker. There is no artificial aftertaste that lets your palette know it has just taken a sugar bath. Everything tastes natural and homemade and all the ingredients are like a great jazz ensemble - a perfect blend! I totally dig her work and would encourage others to check her face book page out and if you live in the Cleveland / Akron area and want to support local talent with your hard earned dollars then hit Leora up and she will definitely treat you right! 5 Stars!