Monday, July 15, 2013

Late Last Summer Dick Hyman / Judy Hyman Left Ear 2012 5 Stars!

An intimate look at the musical ties that bind between the legendary Dick Hyman and his daughter Judy Hyman. An emotional celebration of beautiful music, family, and good friends.
Brent Black / @CriticalJazz

To quote violinist Judy Hyman, "not jazz, not fiddle music, not classical." Late Last summer is a stirring collection of waltzes and cathartic collaboration between pianist and composer Dick Hyman and his daughter and teacher violinist Judy Hyman whose waltz compositions are filled with an innate beauty that combines simplicity and complexity in a warm and comfortable setting. Joining Dick and Judy on selected tracks include accordionist Uri Sharlin, bassist Doug Robinson, trumpeter Paul Merrill and trombonist Ryan Zawel.

While these waltzes are scored and arranged and thus slip outside the scope of the improvised music we refer to as jazz, there is an organic vitality brought forth by both Hymans. These uniquely personal compositions from Judy Hyman are melodic memories of times gone by and a wistful look at what may be ahead in a life filled with the creative joy of music making at its very best. Dick Hyman's career is legendary having played with such jazz icons as Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker. For the uninitiated, Judy Hyman is an Emmy award - winning musician and composer that has recorded eight albums and has toured globally as a founding member of the alt-trad ensemble The Horse Flies. Judy Human has also recorded extensively with Natlie Merchant and plays electric violin with her husband in the rock band Boy With A Fish.

The combination of the eclectic makeup of Judy Hyman's varied musical resume along with her father Dick Hyman who as the New York Times so eloquently stated, "can do anything on piano" push Late Last Summer into that special category of art that leaves critics grasping at straws to come up with accurate labels. As I have so often said, labels are for cans of soup and true artistry knows no limitations as is so clearly evident here. What makes Late Last Summer such a remarkable success is the organic deconstruction of simply melodies and the transformation to the unexpected while never losing that special connectivity between father and daughter.

Late Last Summer is a charming and highly personal look at one of the legendary families in music whose artistic gifts to the community are as meaningful now as they were when Dick Hyman started out so many years ago. The torch has been passed to the next generation and the musical legacy lives on.

Tracks: Ralph's Watch; Save a Thought; Audubon's Lucy; Late Last Summer; Invisible; Victor and Naomi; Claire's Resolve; Johnny's Gone; Julia; Wolf Dreams; Hannah; Breathe; Beth.

Personnel: Judy Hyman: violin; Dick Hyman: piano; Uri Sharlin: accordion (1,3,5,6,7,10,11,12,13); Doug Robinson: bass (6,11,13); Paul Merrill: trumpet (11); Ryan Zawel: trombone (11).