Saturday, July 20, 2013

King of the Sidemen - The Unsung Heros of Rock And Roll

I renamed my site "NotJustJazz" for a reason...

There are too many wonderful stories to tell and important music and film that needs to be seen, heard and maybe more importantly discussed. Drummer and cyber pal Chris Infusino posted the kick starter link you see below. Now earlier today I had a two bit second rate nothing trumpet player tell me that a "real critic" would not "whore himself out" using paypal. Real critic? I have a pulse, a mouse pad and the ability to occasionally put together a complete sentence without a typo so I am a little confused as to what this dude considers "real" critic. "Real" musicians be they well known legends such as Waddy Wachtel or jazz drummer Steve Gadd raise funds any way they can. They are not waiting on a stagnant economy, they are trying to make a living. However coming from a trumpet player that seems to have never released a recording on his own and his only claim to fame being a half dozen tunes that are as one note as they come on SoundCloud I really need to consider the source.

Gary Simpson is an accomplished film maker and is putting together a documentary on musicians such as Waddy Wachtel to capture an incredibly important piece of musical history. Sidemen are the backbone of any good jazz ensemble. I discovered drummer Chris Infusino as the drummer with the up and coming Michael Gallant Trio and now Infusino has assumed the role of musical nomad and is playing incredible rock and roll with The Vim Dicta out in Los Angeles.

I have not met a "real" musician yet worth his or her salt that has experienced an outstanding career that did not appreciate the nomad factor that plays so heavily in their craft. Please check out this link, share it and if you can please contribute. Time is running out. Capturing popular culture in any real and meaningful fashion is too important a chance to waste.