Monday, July 1, 2013

Jimmy Amadie Trio Live! At The Philadelphia Museum Of Art TPR 2013

A landmark recording by one of the unsung giants of jazz, a celebration of the human spirit.

Jimmy Amadie has been known for years as one of the finest jazz educators on a global scale. Diligently finding his own creative voice in the classroom and with the pen, Amadie faced obstacles that would be formidable for the average person. Clearly in all ways, Jimmy Amadie lives his life and plays his music well above average and with an unmistakable sense of class and professionalism as he makes his triumphant return to the stage for the first time since 1967. Live! At The Philadelphia Museum Of Art is an exceptional showcase for an exceptional talent.

For the uninitiated, Amadie has struggled with tendinitis and most recently cancer. While given the enormous medical hurdles left for Amadie to clear to state this may be his last recording is certainly understandable and something referenced on his web site If this is true there is no reason to be sad, Amadie goes out on top and does it his way as is typical of the fighting Philadelphia spirit that is present in so many musicians from this hot bed of jazz. Joining Amadie are the long time trio members, Tony Marino on bass and Bill Goodwin on drums. Swing is king and the groove is something you hear with your feet. Ballads go deeper than your heart and reach that special place deep in your soul that you may have forgot about.

The Jimmy Amadie trio takes on a life of its own, a living breathing organism that feeds on swing and the harmonious union that is so rare with a piano trio that usually consists of the leader and two after thoughts. Marino's lyrical bass work and the finesse of Bill Goodwin only seem to push Amadie as he rediscovers his own personal groove with tunes such as "On Green Dolphin Street" and "My Funny Valentine." Other standards of note, "All The Things You Are" and "Just In Time" seem to cement the musical legacy that is Jimmy Amadie deep into your subconscious. To slap some arbitrary rating on a recording that is so uniquely personal is an exercise in futility. Closing the review in Jimmy's own words is far more appropriate, "Pain can try to stop you but passion overcomes it." Struggling with my own life threatening illness I found this recording incredibly moving on a multitude of levels.

Jimmy can take these five stars of appreciation to heart from fans worldwide.

The set list: There Is No Greater Love; On Green Dolphin Street; Here's That Rainy Day; Softly As The Morning Sunrise; This Can't Be Love; Secret Love; Summertime; My Funny Valentine; Just In Time; I'm Getting Sentimental Over You; All The Things You Are.

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