Saturday, July 6, 2013

How Not To Post On Face Book If You Are An Artist

As I was scanning my phone for any signs of life over the 4th of July holiday I noticed a post from a well respected vibe player. Please note that names are being withheld to protect the pious...

Evidently this individual was a little upset that CBS was not airing three specials to celebrate the 4th of July and this artist proceeded in referring to the entire network as "pricks." Charming...The network apparently gave the reason for no holiday specials as "low ratings" or "lack of interest." Having worked in the industry and given the fact PBS has a stranglehold over such programming with at least four to six hours of patriotic shows for viewing I could not see the issue and politely added my two cents...The artist in question then had an epic meltdown concerning "big business" and the "responsibilities" that are incumbent upon the network.

Networks and their affiliates are mandated by the FCC to show a certain amount of programming to be deemed, "In the public good..." i.e. public service and informative programming of a similar nature. I reminded this individual of this fact but sadly the artist in question had sunk to a level of self righteous indignation that made logic and reason pointless. Yes. CBS is "big business." So.?

The very same artist that attempted to take the moral high ground on the pious footing of the evils of corporate greed also composed music for a popular Fox TV show. Anyone not considering Fox big business is being disingenuous at best with the irony being the very same corporate greed he ranted about is/was responsible for putting food in his belly and clothes on his back.

Long story short, God made the block function for a reason. Opinion is just that, opinion. However if your opinion can be documented as a walking contradiction to the very point you try are trying to make then perhaps the least said the better. We have all sent tweets or posted thoughts we would gladly pull back if only we could.

If artists would spend half as much time marketing themselves and their art as opposed to attempting to show the world just how smart they "think" they are then financial gain would be right around the corner. Something tells me if CBS offered this artist a similar career opportunity as he experienced with the Fox network then he would jump at it. There is nothing noble about being being a broke ass musician.