Sunday, July 21, 2013

@CriticalJazz Thank You To My Readers...Update!

I wanted to take a minute and publicly thank my readers, whether you agree or disagree with my politics is not the issue...Public safety is.

I have decided to pull all references to any individual or individuals that believe my first amendment right is subject to their idea or whim of political correctness. To be brief, when an individuals best argument for disagreement with me is "you are mixing jazz with politics and not agreeing with the rest of us" then I simply do not have the time nor inclination to deal with such unbelievably simple minded fools. To allow these mentally challenged individuals to become the cyber equivalent of gum on my shoe would be my mistake. I like to avoid those whenever possible.

I am taking this action of my own free will and for two reasons:

1.) I am in declining health, treatments seem to have stalled out on me and I simply do not need the stress or the hassle.

2.) I will not allow anyone to turn my web site into their own personal cyber playground while they seek the 15 minutes of fame they so desperately desire. Especially when I have documented their psychotic breakdowns and conflicts with others.

There are numerous political points of view I disagree with when compared to the masses.

I am an Independent Conservative and make no apologies to anyone for it.

I have interviewed some of the finest black musicians, gay musicians, politically liberal musicians but the only thing that concerns me is the one word they all have in common - musician. I am of the opinion musicians blowing an artery over this topic would be best served working on their craft.

If another politically charged event takes place in this country and I choose to then I will make my feeling known. Artists make their feeling known and to expect a critic to remain silent on an issue mired in such rampant misinformation and emotional rhetoric as the Zimmerman trial is ridiculous. A jury rules on the facts and not in an attempt to make up for inequities of the past.

I appreciate the time anyone takes to read this site. Disagree with anything you see fit be it a political p.o.v or a review...Threaten me and the next knock on your door will be from local law enforcement and I will not stop till your next residence is a refrigerator box on top of a storm grate. I believe I have more than made my point.

If you send me the statement that you will "end me in music" simply because of a difference of opinion then you need far more help then you realize and you may be giving me far more credit than I deserve...A threat is a threat. Don't write checks your intelligence can not cash. My readers deserve better than to wade through the ridiculous p.o.v. of someone that believes because you are a face book friend with a drummer that makes you "buddies for life." Yikes.

You do not have to agree with an opinion to respect it and more importantly the right we all have to make them known.