Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Concord Records and George Duke Showing @CriticalJazz Some Love!

“The versatile jazz and funk master pays tribute to his late wife in a soulful, moving rendition of the cowboy ballad, from Dream Weaver.”
“Happy Trails” for USA Today’s Playlist

“There’s reason to cheer any sign of loose digression from Mr. Duke, who at 67 has comfortably settled into his role as a sage of jazz-funk, smooth R&B and various other crossover hybrids. DreamWeaver is a typically all-over-the-map effort for him, complete with a post-Parliament freakout jam (‘Ashtray’), some cooled-out cosmic fusion (‘Brown Sneakers’) and a smoldering near-bossa nova (‘Stones of Orion’).”
The New York Times

“…DreamWeaver is an expansive, mostly high-spirited outing with something for just about everyone.”

“Funk/jazz icon George Duke comes back from tragedy and extreme writer's block with a celebratory return to his synth roots.”
NY Daily News

“While it’s true that Dreamweaver’s creation was inspired by the desire to move on from so many losses – Corine, Johnson, Marie – it is not remotely a sad record. If anything, with its smooth, warm, grooves, it celebrates life in the present.”
All Music

“George Duke entered the music business in the late 1960s as a modern jazz musician. He played experimental rock with Frank Zappa and soulful jazz with Cannonball Adderly. Duke did jazz fusion in the 1970s before becoming a funk master. He produced some of the most memorable R&B songs of the 1980s.  There have been two constants in Duke’s life during most of that time – the influence of jazz and the presence of his wife. Dreamweaver is an eloquent tribute to both. Recommended.”
Soul Tracks

“Written and recorded after the untimely passing of his wife and other musical family members, Duke presents a wide range of captivating songs and sounds that lift spirits in trying times.”
ASCAP Audio Portrait

“An invigorating contemporary album filled with expressiveness.”
Audiophile Audition

“George Duke is working on not only getting his groove back but refined and growing his sound with a smoldering blues infusion running just below the surface. A true giant and an incredible summer release await his fans and is poised to bring some new listeners into the fold as well!” *****