Monday, July 15, 2013

An Update On Trayvon And My Pieces

Look like a sweet little kid to you? A poor innocent child?

There was one false photograph circulating that I posted along with hundreds of other sites. I got it wrong. I took it down...This photograph has been certified as "real" yet some incredibly unstable liberals have blown an artery over my publication. I guess this photograph bursts their rose colored glasses and p.c. outlook that would have the jury using the inequities of the past instead of facts today to have wrongfully convicted George Zimmerman.

I have received two death threats...The very violence these hypocritical scumbags protest is what they now wish to inflict on me. I have a ccw and small arms training from the United States Air Force. This is America...My photos posted are the photos the media did not want you to see or consider. A death in violence of any individual is a tragedy. Age or race does not matter as all life is valuable. The photos hit some raw nerves and made some liberals nervous. So be it. I stand by them. The facts did not warrant a conviction on murder. The facts prove Trayvon was not an innocent child despite the photos you saw of him when he was 14. Martin grew up to be a dope smoking thug life wanna be who messed with the wrong guy.

The jury got it right.

Deal with it. 

Please note I originally spelled Martin's name incorrectly. Had one lovely lady tell me I owed it to Trayvon to spell this murdered "child's" name correctly. I owe him nothing and does the photo above look like a "child" to anyone? The photos the media put out were from Trayvon when he was 14...Not that it matters now.