Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Quick Medical Update...New Information

Working on some liner notes for a client. If you are in need of liner note services, bio work etc. Please consider me. I will do it faster and cheaper than any quoted prices. I also appreciate the paypal help since I have no insurance, defraying the costs of my medicine is a HUGE help to me and I so appreciate your kindness. I am on up to 17 pills a day. I've been invited to the Miami Jazz Festival yet my illness is such I can not plan past the next doctors visit. I am still fighting thanks to the strong support of some very special people here.
I am "standing my ground."   ************************     07/26/2013   I met with my physician(s) today...Evidently aside from a small cancerous polyp, there is significant blockage in the liver to limit adequate blood supply and thus putting additional stress on my over taxed system. The game plan is to pound my with treatment to hopefully fix my stomach for the second time and then move or try to move me to the transplant list. Nothing is for sure. Nothing is promised. This is a bit scary but I know there are people that have been through worse, does not make me feel any better but it is what it is and I am only human (believe it or not)...Writing is becoming difficult but not impossible, my roll is slowed. I tire easily and my memory is shot. I wanted to thank everyone again for the expressions of support monetary and otherwise. The amount of support is at times overwhelming but most importantly appreciated far more than you can understand. Paypal contributions are being accepted via the link on my homepage here at