Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet Latin Jazz - Jazz Latin Patois Records 2013

Five - Time Grammy Nominee Wayne Wallace is back with an amazing reinvention of the more traditional Cuban and Caribbean sounds with Latin Jazz - Jazz Latin!

Pure flavor!
- @CriticalJazz

Trombonist and composer Wayne Wallace comes full circle with a righteous flow and lyrical intensity of the rhythmic heartbeat between Caribbean and the African - American communities and in doing so gets everyone hip to 17 year old rising flute star Elena Pinderhuges. Wallace is a Bay area fixture and further proof this particular area of the country is vastly over looked when considering the jazz meccas of North America. Dynamic interplay, free flights of harmonic wonder and improvisational moments that are simply off the chart make Latin Jazz - Jazz Latin a thriller across the board.

A cameo from 77 year young Pete Escovedo gives further credence that Wallace has long been the real deal in an overly crowded field of artists attempting similar work. The genesis of this quintet is the driving rhythm section made up of pianist Murray Low, bassist David Belove, percussion wizard Michael Spiro and drummer / percussionist Colin Douglas. Additional we have a featured performance from Two-Time Grammy winner violinist Mads Tolling from Turtle Island Quartet fame. The sonic exploratory here is wrapped up in the conservatory influence that has shaped Cuban music since the emergence of the danzon in the 19th century.

A flute player that takes center stage while somewhat rare in North America is business as usual within a large number of Cuban ensembles. The addition of the violin is simply another layer of textured flavor that separates the Wallace release from the pack. "La Habana" has the legendary Escovedo banging out his best on timbales while "Pasandro El Tiempo" features an additional flutist by the name of Mary Fettig and her stellar performance highlights the unspoken bond between Afro-Cuban rhythms, old fashioned swing and their rightful place on the dance floor. Wayne Wallace beautiful tone and precision are highlighted throughout this dynamic release.

For me, Latin music in any form or sub genre hits my musical sweet spot hard and Wayne Wallace pulls off one of the finest efforts this year!

Tracks: A Ti Te Gusta!; Things Ain't What They Used To Be; Estamos Aqui!; Giant Steps; La Habana; I Mean You; Prelude To A Kiss; Melambo; Puertas y Caminos; Pasando El Tiempo.

Personnel: Wayne Wallace: trombone; Murray Low: piano; David Belove: bass; Colin Douglas: trap drums; Michael Spiro: percussion.
Special Guests: John Worley: trumpet; Masura Koga: tenor saxophone; Mary Fettig & Elena Pinderhughes: flute; Jeremy Cohen, Tregar Otton & Mads Tolling: violin; Pete Escovedo: timbales; John Santos, Orlando Torriente, Jesus Diaz & Mike Mixtacki: vocals.