Monday, June 10, 2013

Ulysses Owens Jr. Don't Miss A Beat Foundation Block Party.

Ulysses Owens Jr. never misses a beat. Whether laying down a righteous groove as the drummer for the Christian McBride trio or showing off some mad skills as a producer, Ulysses Owens Jr. is a formidable force in modern jazz and now he brings that same drive and dedication back to the community of Brooklyn located near Jackson's Riverside. 

A tragic shooting two years ago cost the life of a mother's unborn child and wounded an 18 month old child as well. Now, other area children are poised to rise above the violence due largely in part to the Don't Miss A Beat Foundation. This Saturday 06/15/13 there will be a block party with Ulysses sitting in with some area musicians in a positive celebration, a reaffirmation of life and of the promise that the children of this neighborhood hold for their community. The scene of the shooting is being transformed by painting the Gazebo where the vicious attack took place and turning the park into a garden.

The purpose of the block party this Saturday is to raise awareness and focus attention on the music and summer arts program for this community. Unlike other artists that take to social media concerning problems like the community here has faced and continues to raise above, Ulysses along with the Don't Miss A Beat Foundation jump head first into the waters in an incredible act of love and faith in an effort to give these children a fighting chance.

To help you can contact the web site at and the location of the block party will be at 820 Price Street from 2-6 p.m. Of course fund raising is paramount in making the foundation and their goals a continuing reality. Right now times are tight and it seems like everyone has their hand out but imagine making a tangible difference in a child's life. This is a righteous groove. I have made numerous friends through Brooklyn, Queens and other areas of New York city and I sincerely hope they take the time to attend and contribute or at the very least share this article with friends and perhaps local businesses that may be interested in helping. This is indeed a family affair with the foundation headed up by Ulysses's mother Gwendolyn Owens. Below is a picture that Ulysses posted on face book. In a brief cyber chat with Ulysses this past Sunday it was clear just how meaningful this opportunity is to him. Please support this incredibly important foundation in any way that you can. I know they will appreciate it from the bottom of their hearts.