Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Singhs Science Fiction Redstar Entertainment 2013

The Boston area continues to be a most fertile sonic field giving birth for such ground breaking  artists as The Singhs and their Tony Visconti produced effort Science Fiction!

Science Fiction contains twelve original songs that are as organic in nature as they are cutting edge from a pure contemporary perspective. Evocatic, electic, and engaging finds progressive music moving into the digital age with a free iPad app with a video game inspired navigational interface that acts as a sonic gateway to the band via a plethora of mass media platforms. The future of progressive music is now with The Singhs.

Tony Visconti is a legendary Grammy winning producer boasting a resume with such luminaries as David Bowie, Morrissey and Paul McCartney but the innate ability of Visconti to transform a band that might otherwise be lost in the shuffle to a level of creative ambient texture is indeed a thing of beauty. The individuals collectively known as The Singhs include founder Jeet Singh along with guitarist Peter Parcek who has been referenced by blues legend Buddy Guy as being, " As bad as Eric Clapton." Joining Parcek are DJ Brother Cleve (Del Fuegos) drummer Steve Scully (James Taylor) and the lyrically inventive bassist Marc Hickox. Kristeen Young provides backing vocals and has also opened for Morrissey on tour.

An accurate tag for The Singhs is disingenuous. Labels are for cans of soup.

Influences however are unmistakable as the Pink Floyd inspired title track closes an eclectic mash up of what is so right with progressive music today. The Echo & the Bunnymen infusion found on "Second Chance" highlights the bands diversity and commitment to their own artistic growth and development as opposed to working off a creative flat line that similar bands find all too quickly. 

At a time when progressive music has evolved into a rehash of the same riffs with only the names being withheld to protect the innocent, The Singhs are a sonic soul shower for the mind...

Tracks: Innocent Of Reason; Say Yes; Don't Mind Waiting; Weightless; Second Chance; Deadline; Hey; Crawling; Terrify; Full Stop; Cry; Science Fiction.