Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Best Of 2013 - Thus Far!

Critics are narcissists by nature. Year end polls are a chance to inflict their own personal taste on what may or may not be the best for the year. At the half way point I decided to take the burden off my shoulders with the primary focus on reader input. Don't like the list? Don't blame me...So in NO particular order the best of 2013 thus far...Brent Black / @CriticalJazz ****There will be more additions however the artists listed here are FINALISTS and will not be removed.

Antonio Adolfo - Finus Mixtures

Antonio Sanchez - New Life

Utopian Dreams Band - From Dreams To You

Rotem Sivan - Enchanted Sun

On Impulse - Ten Minutes In Paris

Michael Gallant Trio - Completely

Tony Adamo Miles of Blu

Perry Beekman - So In Love

Marc Cary For The Love Of Abbey

The SoHo Rentals

Noah Haidu - Momentum

Nilson Matta - Black Orpheus

Francesco Cataldo - Spaces

Fareed Haque - Out Of Nowhere

Project Them -

Adam Rongo - Tell Your Story

Ahmad Jamal - Saturday Morning

This is the cream of the crop as picked by the readers and with a couple of personal faves I really dig cause after all - it's my site! More to come in just 5 months! Ho! Ho! Ho!