Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rob Hart Trio 3000 Realms of 10 Worlds 2013

Pushing the envelope of modern jazz drumming into a global beat, The Rob Hart Trio takes a groove into uncharted territory with finesse, flair and the right amount of flash!

Bob Mintzer once told me that every artist has a right to be heard. While ideologically sound the practical application when it comes to the business of recorded music makes the idea impossible. The cream rises to the top and for the uninitiated the Rob Heart Trio and 3000 Realms of 10 Worlds is simply on the cutting edge of modern drumming not to mention a portable master class on a shiny silver disc.

The simplicity of the groove paired evenly with the complexity of a global beat should hit most listeners on the visceral and cerebral plane as an effortless group dynamic celebrates an all most perfect unification of world music with the more traditional form and functionality of modern jazz. Similar releases often fall flat with a more stagnant approach that does little more than strip the musical gears of the average listener while the captivating nuances of this music give way to the overt pretentiousness of sonic narcissism taken to a new level. 3000 Realms of 10 Worlds is a most appropriate title for the inventiveness of strong compositions brought forth by a virtuoso cast of characters including guitarist Fareed Haque and bassist Kai Eckhardt.

From the ambient layers of "Crystal Blue Cloud" to the island flavor of the Lennon-McCartney classic "I Will" the diversity of melody without reharming a classic to the point of no return, Hart clearly shows his studies with drummers Steve Smith, Mike Clark, and Tony Williams was indeed time well spent. Perhaps the biggest surprise with be the arrangement of the Led Zeppelin classic "Kashmir." There are numerous classic pop/rock tunes that simply don't make the improvisational transition to the modern jazz format but the dialed down reharm of "Kashmir" stresses that group dynamic while highlighting the deceptively subtle nuances of drummer Hart who clearly understands that for a drummer sometimes less is indeed more.

The Rob Hart Trio turns in a masterful performance as Hart welcomes you to the land of rhythm and groove!

Tracks: Revenge of Waldo, Part 1; Balumaina Astria; Crystal Blue Cloud; Revenge of Waldo, Part 2; I Will; Saffron; Revenge of Waldo, Part 3; Xaminer; Samba De-Luchia; Revenge of Waldo,Part 4; Evergreen Forest; Kashmir; Revenge of Waldo, Part 5; Tis; Hellavicca; Revenge of Waldo, Part 6.

Personnel: Kurt Ribak; acoustic bass; Greg Sankovich: keyboards, organ Rob Hart: drums & effects, percussion, triangle & tambourine; vocal konokol, programming; timbales; dholak, maracas, marimba; hand bells; turkish hand drum & assorted toms; Sheilani Alix: vocals; Jason Muscat: 6 string bass; Karl Perazzo: congas; Dan Zemelman: piano; Doug Pohorski: acoustic bass; Eric Levy: piano & mini moog, organ; Glen Burger; flute & wood flute; Karl Perazzo: congas; Fareed Haque: acoustic guitar; Jeff Massanari: electric guitar; Stuart Hamm: fretless bass; Scott Sorkin; guitar, balalaika; Lorn Leber: guitar solo; Kai Eckhardt; fretted & fretless bass.

Special Thanks To Michael Bloom / Michael Bloom Media Relations.