Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pedrick Bitts Walker Three 2013

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Sometimes the direct approach works best, much like the zen like approach found with Three. I stopped contributing on a regular basis to certain on line publications as I am on a sonic quest for enlightenment that is made up of new sounds, different instrumentation and above all arrangements that push the cerebral boundaries of the more common place form and functionality of the improvised music we refer to as jazz.

David Pedrick has this concept down cold. There are less than a half dozen of his contemporaries that are on a similar footing while pushing the melodic envelope of modern jazz. Far from your typical trio ensemble which normally consists of a front man and two after thoughts there is an amazing group dynamic with ambient textured harmonies and subtle nuances that give up something new with each spin of the disc. Bassist Mike Bitts and drummer Aaron Walker provide seamless communication and incredible finesse in complementing not only the performance of Pedrick but in allowing  a three dimensional sound scape of keen melodic interplay.

With an approach that pushes past cerebral boundaries, Pedrick is one of the most original guitar voices to arrive on the scene since Pat Metheny or John Abercrombie. In an effort to give an artist a chance to explain their own release, I contacted guitarist David Pedrick and told him how much I was digging Three and asked him to explain just what the conceptual idea behind the release was all about,

"Thanks so much. I was basically having a bit of fun with the number three (three players, all of the meters and tempo markings divisible by three, sonorities and 'progressions" either moving in thirds or utilizing the tritone in some way). That kind of thing. Sonically there is a harmonic
scheme that is meant to make the piece sound like one unified work.

The overall result is hopefully that the interest generated is solely based on the interplay between three musicians literally in the moment. It's also designed to work on shuffle play. Since most music these days gets relegated to the background I wanted to create a sound scape that is
accessible to a surface listener just enjoying the sound of each instrument (mixed as equal as possible, without compression, and left to explore a wide dynamic range) together as well as the active listener who needs more than that to continue on the journey."    DP

Guitarist David Pedrick is charting some new and incredibly fertile ground of creativity by combining a melodic unification of shifting focus while never venturing off the edge of the harmonic cliff of self indulgence as some artists seem insistent on doing. Mixed as one, no compression and all done on first takes, it doesn't get much better than this...Long story short, buy this cd! One of the best for 2013.

Tracks: One; Two; Three; Four; Five; Six; Seven; Eight.

Personnel: David Pedrick: guitar; Mike Bitts: bass; Aaron Walker: drums.