Friday, June 14, 2013

On Impulse Ten Minutes In Paris 2013

On Impulse | 10 Minutes in Paris (feat. Deborah J. Carter)On Impulse | 10 Minutes in Paris (feat. Deborah J. Carter)

The future of contemporary jazz is on the way to the United States and it is coming from the Netherlands!

This is the type of release that is a critics worst nightmare and should have some record executives cowering on the nearest window ledge. Ten Minutes In Paris from On Impulse is that perfect marriage of contemporary instrumental jazz with an old school fusion foundation that effortlessly transcends strict categorization with elements of dance, funk, rock and new soul. In the United States the overtly pretentious tag of "Nu-Soul" is used but the artistic results from a myriad of artists thus far pails by comparison to the harmonious union of On Impulse.

Prolific keyboard artist Coen Molenaar moves from the Rhodes and organ back to the grand piano for a warm organic sound that plays off the soulful vocals of Deborah J. Carter perfectly. There is a deceptively subtle panache of British acid jazz that seems to periodically pop unexpectedly but the overall hybrid of sound created is amazing in depth and harmonic richness. These are colors you can hear.

Continuing on with the ensemble we have Frans Vollink on the fender jazz bass and the finesse of drummer Sebastiaan Cornelissen rounds off the rhythm section nicely. What works so incredibly well for this formidable trio is the return to a more traditional jazz base but with the rhythm and groove of a more contemporary presentation. Minimal overdubs were used and mercifully the compression button seems to remain untouched during post production resulting in an all most live studio sound that is a rare commodity indeed from similar acts here in the United States. The vocals from Deborah J. Carter are spot on with Carter showcasing some serious vocal chops as opposed to some of the more anemic attempts from artists here in the States. Carter posses power, impeccable phrasing and an all most instant connectivity to each track which wraps up this ensemble with a special panache that makes hitting the repeat button a given.

Being a critic is far more than being critical and while the search for the perfect release is a daunting task there is simply nothing to grind on here.

Tracks: Remco's Dilemma; Twilight To Moonlight; For J; 10 Minutes In Paris; September Sun; 2:04; Learning To Fall; Hidden Dreams.

Personnel: Coen Molenaar: piano, keyboards, organ; Frans Vollink: fender bass; Sebastiaan Cornelissen: drums; Deborah J. Carter: vocals.