Monday, June 10, 2013

Melody Rose - Portrait of a Rising Star!

Melody Rose

So here is the deal...

I receive what I call partial if not incredibly incomplete work from artists in the form of singles. I don't review singles. Until now...

Word of mouth has made and broken many a business not to mention recording artists before their career really even gets off the ground. I noticed a drummer friend of mine by the name of Jordan Young had "liked" Melody Rose on face book. Young is a gifted musician and one of the hot tickets in straight ahead drumming and I value his opinion so I was intrigued. Who is Melody Rose and why should I care?

Rose is from Long Island, New York. A gifted vocalist having studied with the New York Voices and having toured Europe while performing at the Montreux Jazz Festival on two occasions so the whole, "Who is she and why should I care" can be easily put to bed. Rose is blessed with a warm unique tone, impeccable phrasing and serious cross over potential. Artist comparisons have been tossed out but the only one working for me at the moment would be a more talented version of Melody Gardot. Sound a bit harsh? The single "Dressed To Kill" shows off a strong lyrical presence with sophisticated jazz harmonies and colorful changes. There are artists twenty years her senior that still can't pull that off.

A rising star...

The right producer could have Melody Rose a major star inside a year. The wrong producer could have her selling cosmetics at the local mall in six months. A mediocre producer could have her spending thirty years working the club circuit wondering where it all went wrong. I have and probably still will rant about social media and it's misuse by artists. Melody Rose seems to be taking things one tune and one video at a time. Baby steps. Less is more and quality not quantity seems to be her wheelhouse. While I still skip over singles as a rule, thanks to social media I have been turned on to a vocal artist with mad skills and unlimited potential.

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