Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mehran Subterranea 2012

The follow up to the critically acclaimed 2010 release, Angels of Persepolis finds progressive guitarist Mehran at the top of his game.
@Critical Jazz

Ambient layers of floating texture. Brian Eno meets Paco De Lucia...While musical references can be inherently unfair they are on occasion a necessary evil in order to introduce an artist to a wider more accepting audience. There is a conceptual base for this release as Subterranea is an imaginary Utopian society that is a polar opposite of where we find modern culture and civilization today. To be perfectly honest, I don't get the connection but then again I don't have to as the instrumental prowess of both Mehran and the supporting cast here are head and shoulders above the typical form and function more closely associated with improvisational music here in the United States.

Global improvisational music with a world beat twist...

This more cerebral spin on music covering a plethora of genres and sub genres that make up the improvisational family tree is pulled off with an all most perfect ebb and flow. No musical gears are stripped here and no chinks in Mehran's armor show up as a result of perhaps attempt at writing checks his artistic ability is unable of cashing. If Mehran is unfamiliar to you, don't feel bad as this 2012 release is one of the handful of gems that mysteriously slipped through my fingers as well. This cerebral look at the innate power of a composer and subsequent compositions can beg the question, "Is Mehran a cultural by product of his own experience?" Only Mehran can accurately field the previous question. A strong case is easily made for Mehran as a musical visionary with prolific six string ability that floats effortless over his own work while remaining an intriguing musical enigma.

From flamenco to a more progressive rock influence, Mehran is charting a new course for world beat music with a style, flair and artistic voice uniquely his own.

4 Stars...

Tracks: Subterranea; Into The Abyss; Parvaz; Sunshower; Breathe; Reflections; Natalia; Desert Moon; Moonlight Sonata.

Personnel: Mehran: flamenco and electric guitar; Carl Kennedy: keyboards; Sam Werk: drums and percussion; Krushanu Joseph: bass guitar.