Friday, June 7, 2013

Lawson Rollins Full Circle Infinita Records 2013

World traveler Lawson Rollins has traveled the globe in search of new sounds and by doing so has immersed himself in virtually every genre and world music mixture one could imagine. The end result of his travels literally comes Full Circle in his fourth solo release of captivating textures and dazzling technique. While the release itself is scheduled for a July 16th street date, the first single "Momentum" is being shipped to radio all during June. Full Circle adopts that classic zen like approach of less is more allowing Rollins technical prowess to shine while focusing on the importance of a beautiful melody. No notes are wasted. There is no fluff and no filler here due largely in part to multi-platinum producer Dominic Camardell of Ottmar Libert and Flora Purim fame. A delightful hybrid of improvisational music with the global flair that flows effortlessly.

The musicians that accompany Rollins are a selection of first call A list talent including Grammy -winning violinist Charle Bisharat, bassist Randy Tico, percussionist Dave Bryant and saxophone / flutist Richard Hardy. Rollins versatility is shown by taking on classical, flamenco and electric guitars along keyboards and drum programming. On Full Circle you are washed in a sea of polyphony that encapsulates a plethora of sounds including Afro-Cuban rumba, bossa nova, tango, classical and jazz. The amazing feat here is that the music moves with such lyrical precision despite the myriad of sound scapes created the listener never has their musical gears stripped by abrupt transitions into global music that may be unfamiliar to some but incredibly captivating on subsequent spins of the disc.

The preferred weapon of choice by Rollins is the nylon string Spanish guitar. While there is a delightful ebb and flow it is the prodigious of talent of Rollins guitar work that serves as the golden thread to bind this amazing sonic tapestry together. Other artists have attempted similar releases but the results fall short by comparison. Full Circle cuts a wide path for world music fans, classical aficionados and jazz lovers of any genre. An amazing release and proof that when the stars are in perfect alignment, magic is indeed possible.

7.5 Million YouTube views can't be wrong!

Lawson Rollins has also been profiled as an exemplary talent by Guitar Player specifically siting his "ungodly classical chops" and "beautiful delicate touch."

Tracks: Momentum; Point of Attraction; Pursuit; Flight; Horizon; Bloom; Full Circle; Serpent's Tale; The Offering; Gone From Here; Shifting Seasons; Promise.