Sunday, June 9, 2013

Guy Klucevsek The Multiple Personality Reunion Tour Innova 2013

Guy Klucevsek may well be the Joe Satriani of the Slovinian/Polka world!
- @CriticalJazz

I love surprises, new sounds and music that smacks of a little fun. While The Multiple Personality Reunion Tour title could double for what might happen if you placed all my former girlfriends in one room the seriousness and incredible level of proficiency displayed here will make you forget every unfair stereotype on Polka music in general and the accordion in particular!

Klucevsek is joined by such first call A list musicians as John Hollenbeck on drums and vocalists Jo Lawry, Theo Bleckman and Peter Eldridge. The counter melodies run wild as is predominant with the Slovinian / American polka tradition and Klucevsek has an improvisational skill that is off the charts and certainly comparable to any of the other improvisational wizards working the industry today. Klucevsek transcends the Rodney Dangerfield treatment given those who have attempted to master the accordion and instead embraces the instrument with a harmonious lyrical forward movement. Guy Klucevsek is not simply playing the notes as they occur but is thinking notes and measures ahead and journeys into a more open ended flight of fancy that most accordion players would dare to dream of. The beer garden meets avaunt gard jazz is a beautiful thing in the hands of Klucevsek.

Both "Breathless and Bewildered" which is dedicated to Bulgarian master Ivan Milev and "Larsong" which is dedicated to Lars Hollmer a friend and colleague accentuate the depth and variety available in what some may consider traditional accordion music. "Gimme a Minute, Please" which was commissioned by the Master Singers of Lexington, Ma. and dedicated to The Swingle Singers is an ingenious tune fitting that Big Apple sound of improvisational music with the vocal talents of Lawry, Bleckmann, and Eldridge as previously mentioned with an acoustic trio of Pete Donovan on bass and John Hollenback on drums. Modern contemporary accordion played by a sonic chameleon in Klucevsek. There is that unmistakable sonic depth of field, character and old world charm brought up to speed by one of the few masters of the instrument that dares to take a crack at breaking that proverbial glass ceiling that surround modern jazz.

This is a jazz collective in the truest sense of the word and one of those special recordings that trashes stereotypes while cutting a new and exciting lyrical path for others to follow.

A gem...4 Stars plus!

© Jean-Paul Taillardas

Tracks: Breathless and Bewildered; Waltz for Sandy; Gimme a Minute, Please; Larsong; Ratatatatouille; Hymnopedic 1; Hymnopedic 2; Hymnopedic 3; Pink Elephant; O'O; Ladereld; The C&M Waltz; Moja Baba Je Pijana.

Personnel: Alex Meixner: accordion, trumpet; Brandon Seabrook: tenor banjo, acoustic guitar; Marcus Rojas: tuba; Kenny Wallesen: drums, percussion; Pete Donovan: bass; John Hollenbeck: drums, percussion, xylophone; Jo Lawry: vocals; Theo Bleckmann: vocals; Peter Eldridge: vocals; Steve Elson: clarinet, saxophones; Dave Douglas: trumpet; Jeffrey Barnes; clarinets, ocarina, bag o' birds, saxophones, ukulele, percussion; Carl Finch: piano, keyboards, percussion, mouth percussion; Little Jack Melody: fretless bass, electric bass; Alan Emert: drums; Ginny Mac: accordion; GK: melodica, accordion, ad lib. fills.