Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ferenc Nemeth Kick Starting Bridges of Souls - The New Album

One of my great pleasures is helping artists try and get the word out concerning their use of Kick Starter to help fund their projects. I had the extreme pleasure of reviewing drummer Ferenc Nemeth's last release Triumph which was indeed the perfect title and perhaps one word review. Artists on that particular release included the great Kenny Werner and Lionel Loueke to name but two and let me reinforce the blatantly obvious. You do not get guest artists such as Werner, Loueke and tenor giant Joshua Redman if you don't have something to offer.
I'll let the link below tell you more about the project but let me remind you of why Kick Starter is used in the first place. Despite the critical acclaim Triumph received, records labels have a smaller and smaller pie from which to spread the wealth. Major labels are dying a slow if not somewhat self inflicted death and for these people to remain a viable player in the business then the artist has to come up with some cash as well. The bare minimum for most releases is ten grand and after you figure in mixing, mastering, studio time, musician salaries then you blow through this cash faster then you change shoes. Records companies are not banks, they rarely if ever bank roll talent and wait to recoup their investment later, this is where you come in...
Have you ever complained that jazz radio simply is not giving you what you want or need to satisfy your cultural jones? A donation, no matter the size goes along way in turning a dream release into a reality hit. When N.P.R all most went belly up did you as much as write a check for five dollars or did you think that was the governments job? News flash, state run radio doesn't work and you hold your own cultural well being in your hands. This is an opportunity to not just make a difference but to send a message with your consumer dollar. Like it or not, jazz is a business first and an art form second. Units sold = paying the rent.
Please check out this link for complete information and due whatever you can even if it is only sharing the link with someone else.
From Ferenc:
We have great rewards for those who'd like to help us make this project happening! Thank you,
— with Attila László.