Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Duduka Da Fonseca Trio New Samba Jazz Directions ZoHo 2013

Duduka Da Fonseca keeps one foot in the past while looking to the future as he bangs out another 5 star release from his Samba wheelhouse!
- @CriticalJazz

"Bangs Out" may not be the most appropriate description regarding anything related to Da Fonseca's playing as his Samba groove relies largely in part to a technique referred to as "feathering." What sets the Samba rhythm apart is the dotted eights or sixteenth notes played on the bass drum, Da Fonseca features the syncopated push of the base drums to a softer more subtle nuance acting as that golden rhythmic thread to tie the trio together in a more harmonious union. This free more opened ended use of the bass drum is inspiration if not technique actually pulled from Kenny Clarke (1914-1985) and the application gave birth to such iconic drummers as Max Roach, Elvin Jones and of course Duduka Da Fonseca.

Da Fonseca is back with the same trio that gave us Duduka Da Fonseca Trio plays Toninho Horta and with an even more open ended free swinging style than before. Pianist David Feldman contributes four compositions while the lyrical soul pumpkin of the group in bassist Guto Wirtti swings hard and pushes both Feldman and Da Fonseca to deeper levels of improvisation than previously recorded. The Brazilian purist may take issue with the creative twist that Da Fonseca uses throughout the release by his special hybrid of Brazilian rhythms with American Jazz but no one can argue with the stellar results.

This Samba infused trio continues to raise the bar similar acts have insisted limboing under. Duduka Da Fonseca does not seem focused on a specific end result, the journey getting there seems to keep him more than satisfied.

The review that literally writes itself. The Duduka Da Fonseca Trio is cutting edge and the smoldering hybrid created with New Samba Jazz Directions is more than worth the trip!

Tracks: Duduka's Mood; Sonho De Maria; Solito; Alana; Isabella; Zelao; Tete; Ceu E Mar; Bad Relation; Samblues.

Personnel: David Feldman: piano; Guto Wirtti: acoustic bass; Duduka Da Fonseca: drums.