Tuesday, June 4, 2013

@CriticalJazz A Thank You and an Open Letter

By now most you of you know I am battling what doctors are calling late stage 3 / early stage 4 Liver disease. There is no cure...no magic bullet, no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and no rose colored glasses. I am a realist and as I have often said the glass is neither half full or half empty, it is just water.

Today I went through the second of what may be five or six surgical procedures to tie off blood vessels before they rupture. One in a thousand don't make it or have serious complications from the procedure alone, never mind having to go through it multiple times. My initial prognosis is anywhere from 3-5 years...Proper diet, nutrition, and a hell of a lot of luck could double it but the internal damage done so far makes that highly unlikely.

I am an unemployed critic. No insurance, I don't qualify for medicaid and Obama care in general is leaving myself and countless others out in the cold waiting to die. I don't worry about my own mortality, I embrace it. I also embrace the entire jazz community for their kindness, well wishes and of course contributions to my paypal account using the email digitaljazznews@gmail.com .

These random acts of kindness help more than you know and allow me to better deal with what Rich Siegel sent me on multiple occasions and in various forms this past weekend - see below:

Do me and everyone who knows you a favor and drop dead.   RS

I actually feel bad for this self proclaimed peace activist that in one breath can claim to be a champion of peace in the Middle East and wish another human being dead...The inner conflict must be enormous...Siegel also spent time demanding my home phone but stating in an act of arrogant defiance he would not provide his. The irony being that Little Adolph posted his resume on line complete with home phone and cell phone but of course coming from someone admitting they don't understand twitter then there should be no real surprise...Some people are simply the embodiment of pure evil.

Had a guitarist mention today he doesn't see how I do what I do while sick. Easy...I have great doctors but I have slowed my roll considerably while attempting to tighten my format and expand into other areas of Indie artists. Bottom line being that writing takes my mind off my worries if only for a moment, much like music is used as a wondrous escape vehicle for some. My gig, sole purpose or mission is to continue to provide you with the best in music as often as I can and for as long as I can...Always let your passion be your guide. I so appreciate the support.

Warmest Regards,
Brent Black