Sunday, June 30, 2013

Coaches, Consultants, Social Media Managers And Other Assorted Hucksters...

You can write, arrange and produce the most beautiful music in the world...But you shell out major league money to a minor league consultant that is in all probability a failed musician but oddly enough THEY have all the answers...Sound familiar?

A good publicist is worth their weight in gold. Social Media managers can save you hundreds of hours of time and in all likely hood market your brand far better than you have a problem using the basic common sense God gave you.

Music is a business first and an art form second. Always has been as units sold and gigs booked translates into paying the rent, buying new equipment and etc. etc. etc. Money is the bottom line...Money translates into time both saved and wasted. The best advice I ever received was unintentional and from smooth jazz saxophonist Darren Rahn who said, "Sometimes you have to figure this stuff out on your own."

True Dat...

You waste time...I waste time...But time much like taste is subjective when you look at the bigger picture of career longevity. Most all artists, Independent or otherwise struggle with money in terms of the best place to spend what little they have to get more bang for the buck. Let common sense be the words to live by.

Ask yourself this...

Does your fan care more about your righteous indignation at the social ills of the day OR...the release date for your next project. It is that simple. Religion, politics and sometimes even sports are topics best left to the friends you have that you can actually see. Let's run the numbers...You have 5000 friends. Piss off just 5 every month for 12 months and that translates into $5700.00 in potential compact disc sales which in turn rolls over to mp3 sales, concert tickets etc...The market is flooded with outstanding music, do not believe your own hype as you are never the only game in town.

Do I offer services at severely discounted rates? You bet...I also fell pray to some baffling bull shit from some people in an effort for them to gain monetarily and not yours truly and I am not referring to any musicians. We are in this together. A good critic has a great deal of publicist in them if they want to try and carve out their own niche. I include artist quotes on reviews. No All About Jazz writer, Down Beat writer or Jazz Times writer that I have ever read does that. Common sense. Good ideas. If you are talented enough to record music you can figure most of this out on your own. You are not THAT busy but you could be THAT lazy...It happened to me.