Sunday, June 30, 2013

Catching Up With Marc Cary - For The Love Of Abbey The Interview!

 Most solo piano work comes off sounding like a graduate school recital, there may be technical proficiency but the emotional connectivity is lacking. Marc Cary has released For The Love Of Abbey, an emotional confluence of time, friendship and artistic passion put forth as one harmonious train of thought celebrating the great Abbey Lincoln. I had the good fortune of speaking with Cary on the release and his thoughts on music in general.

Solo piano has got to be the toughest format for an artist. For The Love Of Abbey has such an emotional depth. You have mentioned it was a cathartic release to a degree, can you expound on that and do you think your working tenure and friendship with Ms. Lincoln made the recording easier in some ways?

 Marc -"As a pianist I think like a drummer and as a drummer I think like a pianist. Approaching this legacy and body of work was motivated by respect and experiences I had with Abbey. I never considered the negativity I was up against releasing a solo record. Instinctively peoples first comments are that solo records are hard to sell, book, promote etc... I guess you have to hear it to believe it. Well I approached the music like I do anything else, with open mind and heart. The music is ready for input and depth and simplicity when needed. Her songs are sensible when you know the lyric as a performer but as a listener it has great impact without any prior knowledge of Abbey. She has imprinted that message. "

There may be some fans that may not be as familiar with Ms. Lincoln's work and you may be opening new doors of discovery for some people. Do you think that is a responsibility of an artist as in this case or simply part of the natural growing process for any listener?

Marc - "I believe your average listener is searching for more knowledge of music and can be lead to great music when they search a bit. We as artists must engage today's listener because the average person that supports this music is digital. You may see them at your performance though rendering the digital domain into reality. People are curious and hip to a lot nowadays and want to step into live music and out of virtual reality."

What do you hope the "average" (and there is really no such animal) listener walks away with from your new release?

Marc - "I hope they are inspired to learn more about Abbey and investigate her catalogue and mine. I hope it makes them LOVE solo PIANO."

Strictly from a pianist perspective you are incredibly diverse in working with a plethora of talent...Is there a pianist ground zero for you in terms of influence?

Marc - "Good question. I am inspired by music so my inspiration goes deeper than the instrument. I play the piano because I can express myself on it but what I want to say is in me. Music from many places and styles move me and the musicians that play the music and dance to it. I'm inspired by the drum.  I'm inspired by movement as well as the passion people have for music."

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