Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Catching Up With Jimmy Haslip Part 3!

Continuing On With Part 2, Catching Up With Jimmy Haslip

Jazz is somewhat of a fractured genre divided into two separate but equal camps being the straight ahead and the instrumental
contemporary. Has jazz become an unwilling victim to paralysis by analysis as opposed to the open ended passion that seems to have died a gradual death over the last few years. All the young players are coming from a speed is king mentality and looking for that major label deal the second they set foot off the Berklee campus, is an overly
academic approach to the music stifling creativity?

J.H. "Not really sure about all this. Jazz is a genre with many subdivisions.
Straight Ahead, Fusion, Be Bop, Avaunt Gard, Free Jazz, Latin Jazz, Big Band,
Dixieland, Hard Bop, Smooth Jazz, Acid Jazz, Cool Jazz, M-Base and even more.

Actually The Grammy’s had consolidated the Jazz Genre into four main
Categories, Best Jazz Instrumental (Straight Ahead), Best Contemporary Jazz performance (Which was eliminated last year, But might be brought back into the fold after a petition has been sent in to NARAS), Best Large Jazz Ensemble
(Big Band music) and Best Jazz Vocal Performance).
There are other categories which include best Original Jazz Composition and
Best Solo . . .
So Jazz is represented pretty well there !

I think Jazz is still alive and well with many young artists making recordings, experimental and some even continuing to raise the flag in the tradition. There are still important musicians and composers recording, touring and teaching in some important institutions around the world.

There are problems in the music business in general that are stifling the availability to reach the audience for this music.  This is a dilemma and one can only hope that this problem will be corrected in some form or fashion.

As far as the SPEED KING MENTALITY goes . . .That’s always been around . .
There are pluses and minuses that go with that.   Life experience, study and
passion can rein that all in !

Major Label Deal??  I believe that Major Labels are looking for the Big POP act for best chances at finding success and a big payoff.

Jazz is not a mainstream music genre and most big labels that are left don’t even have a Jazz department anymore.

So there’s really nothing around to give anyone high expectations or an intention of signing a major recording deal for the moment. There could be interest and opportunity with smaller labels, Jazz Labels and independent labels !

All in all  I believe that Jazz is still alive and the art form is there to provide
a canvas for young inspired composers and musicians to experiment with.
You might notice that film composer’s utilize the Jazz and Classical idioms as templates for scores of films. "

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