Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Catching Up With Jimmy Haslip Part 2!

Continuing my chat with Jimmy Haslip:

You have played an important part in the success of the last two Jeff Lorber Fusion releases as well as having your hand in some producing as well. Will collaborating with Jeff Lorber continue or can you see yourself making a gradual shift into more of a producers role with a variety of projects. I know I have reviewed numerous recordings of such tremendous variety the challenges have to be like recharging your batteries. Am I close?

J.H. "As I mentioned above,  I presently have quite a bit of production work at hand.
As a matter of fact, I have to date, produced over 70 recordings . . .That would include, full blown productions, co-productions, associate and executive productions.

I do have a working relationship with Jeff Lorber at this time and we have produced a half dozen projects to date and finishing up two new projects now including a third new Jeff Lorber Fusion recording for Concord/Headsup.
The first one was co-produced by Jeff Lorber, Bobby Colomby and myself entitled; NOW IS THE TIME, the second one was produced by Jeff and I  . . . It was released last year called GALAXY and the new one we are finishing up now is called HACIENDA.
It’s been really a fantastic experience to work side by side with Jeff Lorber.
He has so much experience and we have a lot in common.  It’s has been like a super charged chemistry experiment and we have been having a blast working with a variety of artists.  
We are bringing in quite a few artists from around the world and we have doing some really wonderful live performances as the Jeff Lorber Fusion.  
All in all, a fantastic experience."

Your sound is so unique and expressive. Can you share with us some of your musical inspirations and is there something specific you can point to in terms of your sound that you feel makes your musical voice so distinctive?

J.H. "Sure, Several things have been important to my development as a musician.
I think starting out on trumpet had some definite influence in sound and approach.
As I was learning to play trumpet, starting in 1958,  I listened to a lot of trumpet players like Al Hirt, Hugh Masekela, Harry James, Bix Biederbecke, Roy Eldridge, Dizzy Gillespie, Chet Baker, Maynard Ferguson, Herb Albert and Clifford Brown.
Later I got turned onto Miles Davis and Freddie Hubbard !
I played trumpet all through school . . . From the 4th grade to the 12th grade
I also played bugle, baritone horn in drum and bugle corps.

I started playing electric bass in the 7th grade for fun and was self taught.
I studied with a few teachers . . . One. . . Ron Smith gave me quite a bit of
Information and got me started on a path of learning more about harmony.
Studying out of trombone books and teaching me some piano.

But studying with Jaco Pastorius was a big leap for me in working on music and harmony.  He opened a huge door in my music studies and inspired me to the fullest about sound and technique.  That was in 1975 and I had been playing electric bass then about 11 years . . . .

I think these are three important events in helping me to shape a sound and direction for playing music.  I have continued to study on my own since 1975
and mainly since then, it’s been a series of events that have made me diversify my musical career to what is has become today."

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