Sunday, June 23, 2013

Brian Andres and the Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel Bacalao 2013

Brian Andres San Francisco

Brian Andres comes out swinging in a vibrant Latin jazz tour De force that should have heads turning in his direction all most immediately.

The jazz community in San Francisco in general and the Latin jazz community in particular continues to grow by leaps and bound with drummer Brian Andres and the Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel taking the point. The aptly titled San Francisco makes a more than legitimate case for a distinctive Latin flavor that is indigenous to the Bay Area and with artists such as Andres leading the way by promoting the musicians from the area that are doing incredible things with a genre of music that is at best misunderstood and at worst often ignored completely by critics and the main stream media alike. This is a nine piece working band that welcomes you to the land of rhythm and groove like none other. Pure unadulterated flavor with improvisational chops that are out of bounds from the opening tune "Sand Castles" to the closer "Bongo Reyoyo."

Perhaps the signature tune from this release is the Afro-Cuban reharm of the Weather Report classic "Black Market" with another incredibly inventive piece as the contemporary riff on a cha cha cha with "Higashi Nakano." The sound is may not be 100% Afro-Cuban for the discriminating listener as Caribbean rhythms seem to smolder just beneath the surface of some tunes but this unique jazz collective seems to all ways find their way back to their Afro-Cuban roots.

An amazing jazz collective celebrating not only some of the most important Latin music of our time but an amazing group dynamic that allows each individuals voice that special moment in time to make their own artistic statement.

Pure flavor. Pure joy. Pure fun...It doesn't get much better than this!

Tracks: Sand Castles; Nothing But Trouble; San Francisco Tiene; Black Market; Higashi Nakano; Soul Provider; De San Francisco A Tijuana; Bugs On A Windshield; Una Got A; Off The Cuff; Como Mi Ritmo No Hay Dos; Bongo Reyoyo.

Personnel: Brian Andres: drums set, percussion (6); Christian Tumalan: piano; Aaron Germain: bass; Tony Peebles: saxophones; Jamie Dubberly: trombone; Steffen Kuehn: trumpet; Carlos Caro: bongo, campana, quiro, conga on 4, timbal on 1,2,5,6,8; Gloria Amaral: vocals on 9; Camilo Landau: tres on 3; Patricio Angulo: chekere, congo on 1,2,6, timbal on 3,4,11; Javier Cabanillas: conga on 3,5,7,8,9,11; Niki Smith: coro; Braulia Barrera: lead vocals, coro 3,11.

Afro-Cuban Jazz Cartel