Thursday, June 20, 2013

Brainkiller Colourless Green Superheroes RareNoise 2013

The most eclectic, accessible and adventurous free jazz ensemble you may ever experience!

From the whimsical skateboard riff on the cover art to the off the charts improvisational skills of trombonist Brian Allen, Brainkiller continues to cut an amazing sonic path of structured chaos while never pushing the listener off the proverbial sonic cliff. Joining Allen we have keyboardist extraordinaire Jacob Koller and Mole drummer Hernan Hect. Critics often refer to sonic color palettes in what is usually a half hearted attempt at a description of sound. Brainkiller's wheelhouse of sound defies standard categorization but is anchored with soulful grooves, a masterful use of odd meters and a rhythmic intensity that similar ensembles simply can not touch with the level of proficiency Brainkiller lays down on Colourless Green Superheroes. To label Brainkiller is a melodic exercise in futility as an organic ambient sound scape turns influences such as Tim Berne, Radiohead, and subtle King Crimson over tones into a personal hybrid of colors you can hear.

"The Vindicator Returns" seems to tap into their inner King Crimson while the some what quirky blues infused "Noodlin" turns into a foot to the floor burner reminiscent of some later Charles Earland. The more melancholy "Orange Grey Shade" shows off a command of shifting harmonics while keeping a lyrical sense of purpose. The compositions here are solid, well thought out and all most stories within stories while still remaining wildly creative. The slow smoldering groove of "To Be Continued" is merely a precursor of what one might expect with the next release. New flavor was also added on this release with Japanese chanteuse Coppe on the ambient vibe "Empty Words."

Brainkiller has been at this for 13 years with the chemistry between Jacob Koller and Brian Allen one of those incredible rare musical matches made in heaven. The controlled sonic fury of Mole (another fine band from RareNoise) drummer Hernan Hect is the perfect addition of power and finesse that makes the musical stock of Brainkiller an arrow pointing straight up.

As I continue my quest for new sounds, new forms of improvisational excellence and new harmonic delights, Brainkiller is easily one of the best discoveries and a band I will continue to revisit many times over.

Some Brainkiller via You Tube

Tracks: The Vindicator Returns; Scribble; Empty Words; Top of the World; Orange Grey Shades; A Piedi Verso II Sole; Plates; Noodlin; Labratorio; Secret Mission; Otaku Goes To A Rave; Viv; To Be Continued.

Personnel: Jacob Koller: piano, fender rhodes, keys; Brian Allen: trombone, fx; Hernan Hecht: drums.