Friday, June 14, 2013

Artists - The Advantage of a Social Media Manager

Artists - Looking to control costs as well as your own information? Set up a blogger account or better yet...allow me to do it for you. Most social media managers will charge BIG bucks to work for you in this capacity. Me? I'll set up your account, monitor it strictly as per your wishes. Provide solid analytical feed back and take care of your other social media needs for the lowest possible rate per month. If you can find a cheaper rate then let me know. I can save you time which is money...But I will save you money.

A twelve month contract will result in savings of up to 70%. What can I do? Aside from handling your site as per your instructions, I have the ability to use my own network and take your art to a more global scale than perhaps you have time for or have even considered. The additional sales revenue potential overseas is a gold mine waiting to be harvested while you strengthen your fan base. Building a social media network to maximum potential takes time and careful attention. I am only accepting a limited number of clients so that each has my undivided attention for greater productivity and ultimate satisfaction.

I can work with  your publicist as well. You are only a slave to the mass media outlets if you allow yourself to become one.

You can hit me up at face book or