Friday, May 10, 2013

United States Foreign Policy and The Responsibility of The Press...

The Obama administration made 12 revisions to the Benghazi talking points, including removing references to terrorism and threats from Al-Qaeda. Obama and Clinton owe us the truth about Libya, sign our petition and demand answers.

There are a great many artists that speak their mind on social media concerning the liberal agenda being force fed the population from the White House. Obama promised the most open presidency this country has ever seen. I am in the minority when it comes to political ideology in an admittedly liberal medium such as jazz or political commentary for that matter. Truth be told from what Hillary Clinton has all ready stated in sworn testimony the American press should have Obama on the run and not because of political ideology but because this may well be the worst cover up by an incompetent President since Richard M. Nixon and WaterGate.

The knee jerk reaction is to bring up George W. Bush. Not one of my favorite Presidents but considering he has been gone for 5 years I am incredibly curious as to what rational individual could actually invoke his name and alleged wrong doing when Benghazi is an Obama nightmare pure and simple and the dereliction of duty alone borders on accessory to murder if you wanted to see how far you could push the argument. Deflection by both liberals and the liberal media is in full force. For the uninitiated, deflection is a debate tactic used to carefully change the subject when your argument has had more holes poked in it than swiss cheese.

Is this the "Hope and Change" Obama promised? Gas prices up, health care premiums up, the deficit up and yet liberals blindly defend the policies of a man that have had no substantial measure of success and now we have Benghazi. Journalists have a responsibility to ask the tough questions and not determine the outcome of an event on their own but to simply lay the information out for the American people to decide. Obama must be purchasing white out by the drum to cover all the changes in his story concerning the murder of an Ambassador and three brave Americans left to die while attempting to fend for themselves. This was a terrorist attack the administration could have prevented but didn't. I don't want to hear about Bush. Attorney General Eric Holder has never brought forth or attempted to bring charges of ANY kind against Bush or Vice President Cheney. Holder was hand picked by Obama so what does that tell you? You can not charge someone with a crime when there is no smoking gun.

Impeachment proceedings should begin immediately. The Constitution of The United States makes provisions for the citizens to change government should their be the need and the need has never been greater. Obama portrays himself as a Constitutional scholar yet if you search the Illinois Bar web site you will see he and Michelle have not held a law license in good standing since 2008. Michelle was facing ethics issues from the state bar and "voluntarily retiring" is an option given to attorneys to walk away with out fear of prosecution. Conjecture? Maybe but I will let you make that determination. Be it politics or my first love in writing about jazz from a more global perspective, writers and journalists have a responsibility to call out the wrong doing of others when possible and to celebrate the triumphs of others even if it goes against their inherent sense of fair play. The most open administration in history? Hardly. Allowing Obama to continue with a disastrous foreign policy is the equivalent of letting a fat kid guard the pie. Don't forget this is the same President that sold fighter air craft to the Muslim Brotherhood which oddly enough has taken over the Egyptian government. Obama said this was the greatest country in the world and to join him as he helped change it.

Anyone see the problem with that statement?

I post this at my own risk of alienating certain people but it is a risk worth taking. If one is truly comfortable in their own belief system then an opinion should be just that.