Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Death of Liberty Courtesy of Barack Obama.


Let us review...

1.) 12 documented revisions to his talking points on the massacre in Libya that he and Hillary are directly responsible for. Blame shifted to a You Tube Video? Are you serious? Strike One.

2.) The I.R.S was allowed to target people and groups simply based on their disagreement with his Marxist philosophy. Reliable sources said he knew before the election but did not release it till he began having his head handed to him over Libya. Strike Two.

3.) The Obama Administration illegally spied on Associated Press Editors with no probable cause of any kind. Meanwhile...Obama promised the most open and transparent Presidency in history. Swing and a miss!

Impeachment proceeding must begin as soon as possible as it is clear Obama is unfit to carry out the duties of his office.

And...Liberals STILL want to bring up and shift blame to George Bush. Eric Holder found no evidence of any high crimes or misdemeanors concerning Bush or Cheney. Taking poorly founded rumor or opinion and attempting to pass it off as factual evidence of a crime does not fly. Obama voted to fund the war so where were his principles then? Taking the moral high ground as necessary to further your self serving agenda is not the way...Make no mistake, Bush had his problems but nothing on the scale of violating basic rights and freedoms as is the case with Obama.

I guess when Obama care goes into full effect good ol George will take it up the shorts for that pending train wreck. The architect of this bill Tom Harkin is now on the record as stating it is a train wreck waiting to happen. Health care premiums are on the rise while they can get away with it and here is the kicker...The penalty for not having insurance is less than the average monthly premium according to O.M.B. so where is the incentive to purchase the insurance?

When you let political ideology and blame shifting draw your attention away from the facts as presented here then your issues run far deeper then political ideology.

Good luck with that...