Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Steve Lindeman With BYU Synthesis The Day After Yesterday Jazz Hang 2013

Steve Lindeman The Day After Yesterday

Steve Lindeman makes an impressive big band debut with The Day After Yesterday performed with the BYU Synthesis performed under the direction of Ray Smith, who also produced this stellar coming out party for Lindeman.

Due largely in part to Lindeman's participation in the BMI Jazz Composers Workshop from 2008-2011, Steve Lindeman pushes the musical envelope of the traditional big band sound to places of three dimensional sonic depth rarely achieved from other large ensembles with a similar make up.

The modern day version of Oliver Nelson's Blues and The Abstract Truth? If not, one might be hard pressed to find such an eclectic array of instrumentation that has the ability to embrace odd metered sonorities coupled with the ability to shift dynamics on the fly all while holding serve on the lyrical sense of urgency and harmonic richness that characterized what Nelson referred to as "the abstract truth."

While traditional big band never quite held Lindeman's attention, the love of artists such as the Beatles, Doors, and Stevie Wonder along with the pioneering use of the fender rhodes by Chick Corea allows Lindeman to paint vivid imagery with a dynamic sonic color palette as presented by Synthesis, Brigham Young University's Award Winning Ensemble. Lindeman is a professor at BYU while Synthesis garnered DownBeat magazine's "Top University Jazz Big Band" in the United States.

Tunes grabbing immediate attention include "I Remember" which is a heartfelt ballad that is actually a riff on the Johnny Mercer classic "I Remember You." A syncopated pop along with shifting meter and intriguing melodic mood shifts characterize "Take A Jake Break" and captures a slightly more whimsical side of Lindeman's young son Jake. Pulling the proverbial sonic rabbit out of the hat we find a somewhat ambient presentation with autumnal colors and a eerily bowed vibraphone and bass which highlight the tune "Verloren"  - German for "lost."

Steve Lindeman is a seasoned professional at the top of his game while guiding Synthesis to reach their full potential both as artists and as individuals. Easily one of the better big band performances in some time.

Tracks: Lavender Flowers On Her Table; Meet Me When The Stars Come Out; Long Gone; Llevame ya at Mundo de las Maravillas; Aunt Jeanne; I Remember; Verloren; October, Last; With Wandering Steps; Take A Break Jake.

Personnel: Synthesis is: Jory Woodis: alto, soprano sax, clarinet & flute; Justin Hammer: alto sax, clarinet, flute, alto flute; Ben Nichols: tenor sax, clarinet, flute, alto flute; Derek Crane: tenor sax, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, alto flute, bass flute; Eric Backman: baritone saxophone, bass clarinet; Kevin Johnson: trombone, Daniel Burt: trombone, Curtis Biggs: trombone; Greg Rumsey: bass trombone, tuba; Charlie Carr: trumpet, flugelhorn; Bryce Call: trumpet, flugelhorn; Austie Robinson: trumpet, flugelhorn; Celeste Knowles: trumpet, flugelhorn; Dallas Crane: trumpet, flugelhorn; Jordan Kamalu: piano; Aaron McMurray: acoustic and electric bass; Brady Bills: guitars; Jay Tibbits: drums & shaker. Special Guests: Kelly Eisenhour: vocals; Steve Call: tuba. Q'd Up: Ray Smith: flutes and saxophone; Jay Lawrence: auxiliary percussion; Ron Brough: auxiliary percussion, vibraphone, marimba; Steve Lindeman hammond b-3.