Saturday, May 4, 2013

Slobber Pup Black Aces RareNoise 2013

Electrified free jazz combined with a metallic intensity to hit you right between the eyes. There is nothing subtle about Slobber Pup which is another in the long line of amazing improvisational excursions brought to you by some of the most dynamic musicians that RareNoise has to offer. Black Aces will hit you right between the eyes never relinquishing the stranglehold they place on the cerebral cortex of your central nervous system.

Slobber Pup manages to walk the sonic tightrope of sound by carefully integrating improvisational music with blues, rock, metal and a high octane free jazz approach that tosses convention, form and functionality straight out of the window. This is not for the faint of heart or those not looking to expand their comfort zone. Slobber Pup has an emotional edge that can leave one with their hair on fire and begging for more. A critics worst nightmare is proven to be a beautiful thing as one checks their brain at the door and allows a musical mind melt to wash over their conventional tastes and journey into the musical abyss created by such incredibly skilled artistry. While Slobber Pup is part of the wildly successful lineage of artists that think outside the box and continue to push through walls of sound, RareNoise continues to make consistent strides in pushing the musical envelope for both the artist and the passive listener. 

Guitarist Joe Morris displays a deft touch for effects and the lyrical forward motion that allows Black Aces to move unrestrained by the a typical shredding that is repeated ad nauseum from various metal artists here in the United States. The use of the organ adds a brightness and flavor to the group dynamic that while somewhat unexpected is key in establishing the dynamic tension that is the hall mark of this high octane ensemble. "Accuser" opens the release with a smoldering blues under current from Morris and Hungarian hardcore drummer Balazs Pandi joins the controlled sonic fury with a Keith Moon like performance that is jaw dropping to say the least. "Black Aces" takes the more traditional western free jazz and simply adds a shot of adrenalin and puts the paddles to perhaps the most misunderstood genre in jazz today. An overwhelming ambient quality of intensity permeates this tune taking free jazz to places most artists dare to tread. "Taint of Satan" should come with a special warning label. Guaranteed to peal paint off the wall thanks to the performance of guitarist Morris, the fire power on display is broken up by the richness and soulful quality of keyboardist Jamie Saft. Electic bassist Trevor Dunn is the glue that binds this mind blowing band together allowing the remaining members to go on a search and destroy mission that will make the most academic of musicians forget everything they learned in theory class.

The future of improvisational music is now and Slobber Pup embraces the freedom on a level that borders on the ridiculous when it comes to artistic ability. Highly recommended! Slobber Pup moves outside of the box, when they reach the edge they continue to push their sound forward by simply expanding the box.

Tracks: Accuser; Basalt; Black Aces; Suffrage; Taint of Satan.

Personnel: Joe Morris: guitar; Balaza Pandi: drums; Trevor Dunn: bass; Jamie Saft: keyboards.