Thursday, May 16, 2013

Roger Davidson Journey To Rio SoundBrush 2013

Roger Davidson may be more commonly referred to or referenced as a classical artist despite the fact the upcoming release Journey To Rio is his fifth recording to take on some dynamic Brazilian originals coupled with his French inspired compositions. To aid further authenticity to this impeccable recording the brilliant Argentine bassist Pablo Aslan takes on the role of producer with that special brand of flair and panache that pushes this release to a remarkable display of texture, color and vibrant nuances that characterize the sound of Rio. 

A strong sense of melody and lyrical flow is the overwhelming key to success for this two disc set that spotlights the classic bossa records made famous by the great Stan Getz. A tight ensemble cast that performs with a relentless groove allows for a spatial context of a warm open ended sound that makes room for the ensemble cast to stretch out when necessary but never overwhelming the listener with one singular voice. The group dynamic takes center stage and is as captivating as it is organic. 

While Brazilian music goes far deeper than just the classic bossa sound, Davidson creates his own hybrid of French and Brazilian inspired harmonies in "Je m'en Souviens" which weaves a simple melody between piano and soprano saxophone. "Soir Bresilien" is a solo piano work that borders on the cinematic with the right amount of French influence to keep things interesting. The somewhat conceptual nature behind this recording is the global aspects of jazz as an international musical language and the positive energy that ensues when music is played from the heart and with a genuine passion that transcends labels, genres, and a variety of other self imposed limitations.  

Roger Davidson continues to channel his passion for Brazilian music into a globally inspired multi-cultural feast for the senses!

4 Stars

Personnel: Roger Davidson: piano; Marcelo Martins: tenor and soprano saxophone and flute; Gilmar Ferreira: trombone; Leonardo Amuedo: guitar; Ney Conceicao: electric bass; Sergio Barrozo: acoustic bass; Rafael Barata: drums; Paulo Braga: drums; Marco Lobo: percussion.

Tracks: Journey To Rio; O Jogo; Summer Walk; Amantes para Sempre; Embrasse-moi; Minha Alegria; Memories of Deborah; Moonlight Bossa; Samba 3; Je m'en Souviens; Soir Bresilien; Gateway To Love; Viagem; Zilda;
Disc 2 : Sonho de Amanha; Bridge to Bahia; Sonho do Amor; Onde Esta o Amor; First Kiss; Olhos de Ouro; O Gato; O Unico Amor; Noite Triste; Morning Breeze; Sunset; One Samba Note; Love Across Time; To Brazil With Love.