Sunday, May 5, 2013

Matt Kane Trio Suit Up! Bounce-Step Records 2013

Matt Kane Trio | Suit-Up!

Matt Kane's Trio BIO

Matt Kane may be the hot ticket on drums with the release of Suit Up! Kane hits my personal wheelhouse while paired up with producer and guitarist Dave Stryker and organ phenom Kyle Koehler. The organ, guitar, drum trio is right in my wheelhouse and pulled off in this particular release as well as those that have been in the game a lot longer than Kane. Matt Kane comes out of one of the four jazz meccas in Kansas City Missouri, a town that spawned the swing hard or go home style of Count Basie, Charlie Parker and Mary Lou Williams. What makes Suit Up! an absolute delight is the unified presentation and virtuoso performances by all participants.

Dave Stryker is perhaps the closest talent to Grant Green with his sharp angular solos and keen sense of lyrical flow. The trio bangs out a Stryker original in "Minor Mutiny" where organist Kyle Koehler is green lighted with the end result a dazzling showcase for what harmonic movement and dynamics are all about. Stryker seems to feed off Koehler all the while drummer Kane rests comfortably in the pocket as a perpetual motion machine full of deceptively subtle nuances that binds each tune together with a smoldering swing that takes on a life of its own. Of course a trio such as this will most certainly take a swing at some standards but Kane changes things up with the classic "Who Can I Turn To?" and while riding the cymbal for all its worth  his deft touch and finesse is a game changer for this trio. Most drummers assume the role of human metronome but not Kane who may be the poster child that swing is something you feel not necessarily something you can be taught and have the groove come off so effortlessly. The transition of pop and rhythm and blues based tunes to a more traditional jazz setting is normally feast or famine. Some tunes are simply better left alone. The classic Earth Wind and Fire tune "That's The Way Of The World" makes the transfer with a legit shot as an r&b instrumental crossover should radio programmers be willing to expand their library just slightly. As Robert Glasper said, "I would love for more people to have the chance to hate my music." Point being the cultural dumbing down of American music is a travesty when you hear talent such as Matt Kane. In 1997, Kane followed in the footsteps of other real deal talent from Kansas City and headed off for New York.

Composer, educator and of course performer has Matt Kane as the newest member of the jazz triple threat club. An engaging swing that borders on the addictive. To make any criticism here would be taking hyper-critical to a new level and that is not how I roll.

Tracks: John McKee; Who Can I Turn To?"; Shadowboxing; As You Left; Minor Mutiny; Mr. Rogers; Big Six; 21st Century Ragg; That's The Way Of The World.

Personnel: Matt Kane: drums; Dave Stryker: guitar; Kyle Koehler: organ.

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