Friday, May 31, 2013

Marcus Lewis Big Band Getting By With A Little Help From Their Friends!


Marcus Lewis Big Band!

One thing I truly love about this gig would have to be finding musicians be they solo performers or in this case a smoking hot big band that is trying to crash the glass ceiling that is the recording industry today. Making it takes more than talent, it takes cash and lots of it. Now a great many of you may ask why? Why doesn't a record label under write the project then the band can pay them back with record sales? You are confusing a record company with a bank. The economy has played havoc with the recording industry and the bottom line is labels have a smaller pie from which to try and spread the wealth as it were. This is where you come in, it is not enough to talk about how deserving an artist is on one hand then complain about the music available to you on the other hand. Put your money where your ears are! When N.P.R all most went belly up ( and it would have been a public service if it had ) how many of you just wrote a check for five dollars? Do you really want state run radio to begin with? I don't know about you but being in control of my cultural destiny feels pretty good and there is not a more deserving crew than the 18 piece real deal big band sound of the Marcus Lewis Big Band!

For complete information on how you can help finance their new record please check out and share the link below!

Kickstarter is not just for the small independent acts. Wayne Escoffery from the Tom Harrell Quintet has used this fund raising service with great success so their reputation can not be questioned!